Peschiera del Garda, triathlon city from 1997


The town of Peschiera del Garda, once known as Arilica, overlooking the low shore of Lake Garda at the point where the waters flow into the emissary Mincio, is completely surrounded by canals. The historic center of Peschiera is effectively bounded by walls which modified the natural course of the river.

Peschiera del Garda, a must for those who want to know the history: from the first societies in the Neolithic to the First World War, the history here has left interesting and important signs ranging from the pile dwellings cultures to the Roman period, from the late Middle Ages and to the time of Scaligeri’s family, from the period of Venetian domination to Napoleonic age, till the Hapsburg domination, when Peschiera was one of the four strongholds of the Quadrilateral, the most imposing defense system of Italy, and the Risorgimento. In the end, the First World War.

“Siede Peschiera bello e forte arnese” in this way Dante wrote about this town in Inferno, canto XX (The Hell, first part of Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy). There are not so many cities in which the fortification ages are so fundamental, as in Peschiera.

This is not the first time that the city of Peschiera hosts the organization of a triathlon: the very first race was in 1997, first edition, with about 300 athletes. The tradition of triathlon continued in later years, growing in number of participants and evolving into a more specialized organization. Over the years change and improve also the same courses, in order to adapt them to the growing number of registered athletes and the needs of the city road network.

In Peschiera were organized two Italian Championships and two military Championships. In 2007 he was called the Italian championship Age Group, with 1250 athletes.

After 7 years since the last edition, TriO Events in collaboration with Peschiera Triathlon, finally resumed the tradition with Kuota TriO Peschiera.