Useful information

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Useful information

BIB NUMBER COLLECTION: It’s important that every registered athletes brings with himself the confirmation email with the registration code sent by the organization.

PASTA PARTY: It is possible to access at the pasta party through the bracelet that will be included in the race pack for each athlete and it will be delivered for each companion for which it was requested at the moment of registration. It is possible buy pasta party for companion at the secretariat al the cost of 10.00€.

STORAGE BAGS: The storage bags area will be located near the transition area, at Porta Brescia Parking.

TRANSITION AREA SUPERVISION: We ensure the security service for the bikes in the transition area until 7:00 pm for olympic distance and until 2:30 pm for sprint distance, after this time the guard is no longer guaranteed.

PARKING: A huge space for parking is reserved for the athletes at Via Milano, near the Manuel Cerini sport field in Peschiera del Garda. It will be possible also to park camper in this place. For who will arrive after 10:00: don’t park into the historical center, it is therefore advisable to park outside the center.